Oil City Hardware

Oil City Department Store

Oil City Drug Co., Inc.

Road-side sign.

Oil City Bank

Oil City Home, Residents Unknown.

No informatio​n.

Early Oil City Photos

On this page we would like to post any old photos of Oil City that can be collected.  Where possible, they will be captioned with known information.  If there is a photo without information, we would appreciate any that could be provided.  Email them   HERE  with any other pictures or information you might have.

(Posting at our discretion.)



Confirmation Class, St. Joseph's Catholic

Date Unknown

Totally Unknown!! 

No information.

Hotel Norman

Dates unknown.

Land Avenue

​Dates unknown.

Hotel Norman

Dates unknown.

Cappel's Pharmacy

Oil City Cafe, Date Unknown

Interior, Oil City Bank

Oil City Motor Company

Land Avenue, Date Unknown

Hotel Norman

​Dates unknown.

Oil City High School

​Class of 1928

Bijoudream Theater

​Dates unknown.