LAKEVIEW MEMORIAL GARDENS is located at 220 Hamill Street in Oil City. It is a local, municipal cemetery offering a dignified rural setting about 15 minutes north of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Oil City is a community rich in the history of the oil business, and many local and Shreveport residents have chosen LAKEVIEW as their final resting place.  LAKEVIEW offers a reasonable alternative to more costly commercial cemeteries, and provides the friends and families of those interred there the opportunity to participate in the beautification of the sites of their loved ones.  LAKEVIEW maintains the lawn, road, and pathways, and has a liberal policy regarding individual plot landscaping and maintenance, which is the responsibility of the family and friends of the deceased.  The Board of Directors of LAKEVIEW MEMORIAL GARDENS hopes to keep the families and friends of LAKEVIEW connected and informed through this website.

Many thanks to Margaret Pace Weaver Bateman (29 Nov., 1923 - 13 May, 2014) for all she did to see to it that Lakeview Memorial Gardens was begun, named, and maintained through the years.